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2 Way Talking SOS Pendant Phone With Man Down Function

Price: This model has been discontinued
Item Number: FC-0206
Manufacturer: Future Call
Manufacturer Part No: FC-0206
2 Way Talking SOS Pendant Phone With Man Down Function
Very Small Pendant 2.2" X 1.5" X .06" it weighs only 2 oz..
Key Specifications/Special Features:  SOS Pendant Phone Model FC-0206
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l  No monthly monitoring charge

l  The easiest way to make SOS call - automatic SOS call / Dials automatically if the person falls down (in most cases) Man Down function

l  No need to "shout" to the base - automatic 2 ways speakerphone via the pendant
     Very Small Pendant 2.2" X 1.5" X 0.6" it only weighs 2 oz  

l  Can carry the device even washing hand and taking shower (comply to IP57 waterproof standard - no warranty if end user disassemble the device by himself/herself)

l  User friendly - voice prompts for most operation

l  Provide more secure system - SOS call will continue until someone answers the call or the call is cancelled by elderly

Features - FC-0206 

Digital DECT technology
-          2 ways communication through pendant
-          Simple operation : push one SOS button for emergency calling
-          Automatic speakerphone during SOS calling
-          Dedicated SOS call flow logic
-          Voice prompt for ease of operation
-          Water proof IP57
-          Low battery alert
-          Long standby time
-          Back up battery
-          Fall down detection 

l  Waterproof (comply to IP57 standard) pendant. Warranty is not provided if end user disassemble pendant by himself/herself) 

l  Automatic fall down detection (to activate SOS call  "When using Wrist watch strap turn off Man Down Function"

l  Elderly can answer any incoming call or making outgoing call  by simply press the big button, or cancel the call by pressing the small button

l  Priority for SOS call - block all incoming call during SOS mode

l  SOS call will continue until it is being answered 

l  Able to detect answering machine / voice mail from receiver (depends on operator system)

I  Dialing from base unit / Pre dialing from base unit

l  Voice prompt announcement for most operation status (English)

l  BIG SOS panic button to activate telephone call according to preset telephone number

l  Allow elderly to select DO NOT disturb function - no incoming call will be heard

l  Pills alarm for reminding elderly to take medicine

l  Always perform system check to ensure security (this includes battery capacity, power supply, telephone line, distance, out of range etc.)

l  Low battery alert, out of range alert, no power and no telephone line alert (Both LED indication and voice announcement)

l  About 40m indoor operation range, 200m for outdoor

l  Maximum loudness allowing elderly to hear 

l  Back up battery compartment (4xAAA NiMH battery - not included)

l  DECT digital technology provide digital and clear voice communication

l  Each base station can register maximum 2 pendants

l  Set up 3 SOS numbers independently

Easy Installation

l  Connect PSTN telephone line with the base station
|  Connect wall power adapter with the base station

l  Place the pendant onto base station for charging

l  Set up date / time, and maximum 3 SOS telephone numbers

l  Allow connecting to other telephone (parallel phone)



What is included


           Pendant (include 500 MAH Li-Polymer rechargeable battery - UL approved)
           Base Station
           Power Adaptor
  •  Optional accessories (not included)


         Extra pendant (include battery) cost $100.00 free shipping see link



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