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Future Call LLC has been operating in the USA from 2004 and had operated for 20 years in the U.K. prior to that. Its founder, Mr. David Hayward, an Electronic Engineer, has worked in the telecommunication field for the past 35 years. Future Call U.K has completed numerous telecommunication projects for companies such as Panasonic, Samsung, BAI (British Airline Industries). During the years Mr. Hayward has become well known throughout the telecommunication industry, being innovative and successful in creating new technology.

Future Call maintains a total quality commitment. Our goal is to provide the best performing, most reliable, easiest to use products. Future Call’s products are designed in accordance with the needs of our target markets. Future Call is fortunate to have a leading Electronic Engineer known in the telecommunication market throughout the world to make the impossible – possible! So do not hesitate to approach us with your special requests as we have the ability to redesign any product to meet your needs.

Our line of products includes innovative designs for the elderly, for the hearing impaired and for home / Assisted Living  and business use e.g. PBX telephone systems compatible.

The technology used is top of the line and some phones feature our own unique technology that is not yet found in other competitive phones. We are especially proud of our unique home / Assisted Living PBX compatible phones such as our Smart Caller CID that, could you believe, is fully functional without any batteries or A/C adaptor and even when unplugged from the phone line it will save all your valuable data for life such as memory phone book and all one touch memories.

We have patents on the following Caller ID with no batteries or A/C adaptor , Memory back up with no batteries or A/C adaptor , Auto Hang Up Box FC-0401

As well as our world first Voice Dialer Phone FC-1204,  2 Way Handsfree Picture Dialer Box with Auto Cut off FC-2409-2, Auto Hang Up Box FC-0401, Talking Caller ID Box with call blocking FC-0215 and our new Cordless Phone FC-0914

see links below... FC-1204 FC-2409-2 FC-0401 FC-0215 FC-0914

Future Call specializes in communication products for the elderly and the hearing impaired. That is why all our phones are equipped with a receiver (sound) level that is designed to detect a hearing aid automatically so that the user will always hear clearly at the right level (hearing aid compatibility).

Our phones are stylish and made with special attention to quality and reliability.
All of our products come with a 100 percent guarantee of customer satisfaction.

Thanks for talking the time and interest of our products.....



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