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Big Button Caller ID Picture Phone with 2 Way Speakerphone and SOS Key

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Item Number: FC-0729
Manufacturer: Future Call
Manufacturer Part No: FC-0729


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Big Button Caller ID Picture Phone with 2 Way Speakerphone and SOS key

on base unit Auto dial 2 SOS numbers

Key Specifications/Special Features:
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 1. Large keys with Braille recognition.

 2. Large screen display, the brightness can be adjusted to 5 steps.

 3. 3 True one touch memory numbers can be set you can add pictures if you want, All you do is push the picture and the phone will dial and go to speakerphone

 4. 911 for help press the "911" key, one-touch to trigger.(Can change number)

 5. Two SOS numbers one-touch trigger, and alarm indicator "flicker", each        number will be dialed three times in a row.

 6. Automatic help. In case of emergency, after removing the handset or turning on the speakerphone for 8 seconds if will automatically dial the number set by "SOS".

 7. Power off memory, all set numbers are backed up for life.

 8. Caller ID Incoming 99 memories – Outgoing 50

 9. Speakerphone

10. Handset Volume Control

11. Speakerphone Volume Control

12. Ringer Switch HI-Lo-Off

13. Redial / Pause Key

14. Flash Key

15. Delete Key

16. Set / Program Key

17. Call Back Key for Caller ID Last 50 Numbers

18. Size 9” X 5” X 3”

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