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Caller ID Speakerphone FC-2646

Price: $42.00
Item Number: FC2646
Manufacturer: Emerson
For User Manual Click Here

               Caller ID Phone

      With 2 Way Speakerphone   

            3 One Touch Memories

             40db Handset Volume


Special Features:

   2 Way Speakerphone

    3 One Touch Memories

    Ringer NEON in Handset

    90 Caller ID Memories

    4 Line LCD Display

    Power Failure Protection

    Phonebook Function

      40db Handset Volume Max

      Big Button

  Color Black


                        3 One Touch  Memories

         2 Way Speakerphone With

                  Volume Control 

               Caller ID          

              90 incoming Name & Number 

              16 Last Outgoing Calls

                   7 Languages

                     Real Time Clock

                                                     Adjustable LCD Contrast

               Adjustable Handset Volume

                              From 15db to 40db 4 Levels

                                                                                 Flash Key

                                                                    Music on Hold Key

                                                                 Last Number Redial

                                                               Auto Redial Function

              Silent Auto Redial

                    The phone will continue to call

                   a busy number until the line is free

                     ( Why pay the phone company for this)   



            Adjustable Ringer Volume Off / Low / High

                                                              8 Ringer Melody

                                                            25 Phonebook Function

                                                                            Big Button

                                       Desk / Wall Use

                             Hearing Aid Compatible

                                 Pause, Memo Keys

                                       In use LED

                                                         Ringer NEON Indicator

                                                    Power Failure Protection

                                                               4 Line LCD Display

                                                        Battery Backup 3 X AA

        FCC Approved
Dimensions in inches  L 8  W 7 H 3 





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