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Talking Caller ID + Talking Keypad with Speaker Phone FC-3110

Price: Discontinued
Item Number: FC-3110
Manufacturer: Future Call
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Talking Caller ID + Talking Keypad with Speakerphone

         10 Two Memories and 40db Handset Volume
Special Features:
2 Way Speakerphone
10 Two Touch Memories
Memory Backup for Life
Visual Ring Indicator
Power Failure Protection
No Batteries or A/C Adaptor
40db Handset Volume Max
Talking Caller ID
Talking Keypad
911 Key
Auto Hang Up
(See below for meaning)
Available Color: Black
Dimensions in inches  L 9  W 7 H 4
For User Manual Click Here

       10 Two Touch Memories        

All Memories are backed up for life without batteries / A/C Adaptor or a telephone line.
2 Way Speakerphone with 4 level volume Control
       Talking Caller ID with 66 incoming numbers
    Talking Keypad

       Out Key last 20 Numbers Dialed

       New Call LED Indicator

       LCD Contrast 8 levels

       LCD Back Light

       Baby Call Function

       Do Not Disturb Function

Pre-Dial and Edit Function
Adjustable Handset Volume Switch 20db / 30db /  40db

       Visual Ring Indicator LED

       In use LED

       Music on Hold 6 types

       5 sets of Alarm Function

Adjustable Ringer Volume Switch Off / Low / High

       16 Type of Ringing Tones

       Anti Dialing from parallel phone function

       Auto Hang Up

Means that if the phone is not hung up well (both in handset or speakerphone mode) and if this function is set to on the phone will hang up automatically allowing an incoming call.
Tone / Pulse Dialing
Hearing Aid Compatible
Flash, Pause, Redial Keys
Power Failure Protection

       911 Key

Requires No Batteries or A/C adaptor

Note:Only the talking functions LCD backlight and Alarm will not work if there are no batteries.

All other functions will work without batteries even the LCD display will show the caller ID number at all times… Memories and Caller ID numbers are backed up for life without batteries.

uses  3 X AA Alkaline batteries

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