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LogicMark Freedom Alert Emergency Pendant Communicator

Price: Discontinued
Item Number: LogicMart FA Unit
Manufacturer: LogicMart
LogicMark Freedom Alert Emergency Pendant Communicator
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LogicMark Freedom Alert Emergency Pendant Communicator allows one to quickly contact friends & family at the push of a button.


Living independently is the desire of most individuals. However there are times when living alone can mean there is nobody to assist you during an emergency. FreedomAlert offers the ability to summon assistance at any time with a simple push of a button. No strangers, no emergency personnel, just family, friends, and neighbors, the people who care about you the most.

Personal Security has never been so small or affordable. FreedomAlert is the first product ever to allow you instant 2-way speaker phone communication through your mini wearable pendant to family, friends, or neighbors, at any time from ANYWHERE in or around the home. If your programmed contacts are unreachable at the moment – the system can default to contact a 911 emergency operator. Never be out of range from assistance again.

FreedomAlert is a one time purchase – no monthly fees!

Emergencies can happen in all parts of a home and frequently right outside a home in the yard or driveway. So whether you are just checking in with a friend, need some quick help from a neighbor, or are in an emergency, your FreedomAlert pendant will allow you to communicate your message instantly and efficiently from anywhere in and around your home. All with ONE button activation.

FreedomAlert is designed to give you complete Freedom of instant communication and reliability during an emergency. This is not a cellular phone, this is a system designed to give you total protection anywhere in or around your home at all times. In fact FreedomAlert has many advantages over a cellular phone.

LogicMark Freedom Alert Emergency Pendant Communicator Features:
  • Up to 16 pendants can be matched to a base unit
  • Programmable 2-way voice speakerphone pendant
  • Programmable up to 4 numbers
  • Call up to 4 custom contacts; Call up to 4 custom contacts and then the 911 emergency operator; Or just the 911 emergency operator
  • Contacts a free 911 emergency operator as a backup in case a family member or neighbor cannot be reached
  • 1 Button activation
  • 1.9 GHz DECT technology
  • No monthly fees
  • No activation fees
  • No contracts
  • Water resistant - can be taken into the tub or shower
  • Li-ion battery can provide several hours of talk time on a full charge
  • Comes with lanyard, wrist strap, and belt clip for 3 convenient methods of carrying pendant
  • System allows you to communicate your message instantly and efficiently from 600 feet of your base station- should cover your average American home and into the front, back and side yards
  • Fully portable- for use in any home with a regular phone line and the base
  • One year manufacturer's warranty
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