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Picture Dialer Box With 2 Way High Level Speakerphone

Price: $50.00
Item Number: FC-2409-2
Manufacturer: Future Call
Manufacturer Part No: FC-2409-2


Picture Dialer Box with 2 way High Level Speakerphone


This unit will hang up automatically on most lines after the other side has hung up great feature for elderly who do not hang up the unit * 

Key Specifications/Special Features:
For User Manual Click here 


* 10 one touch or 2 touch memory picture keys for dialing: Total 10 Memories

* Wall-mountable

* 2-way High Level Speakerphone function

* Speakerphone slide volume control
* Normal/One-touch switch to toggle between Normal and One-touch modes
   (this is great for people with Dementia or Alzheimer’s)
* This unit will hang up automatically on most lines after the other side           has hung up great feature for elderly who do not hang up the unit *
* Ringer Off – Low – High Switch for ringer volume

* Bright Ringer LED and IN USE LED

* Powered by phone jack — no batteries or AC adaptor required

* All Memories are backed up for life

* Memory key, Redial/Pause key, Speakerphone key, and Music on Hold-Mute

* Plugs into any home or office phone jack

* Can be used as a dialer with any other phone on the same line
* FCC Approved
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